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Random Parts of Today 2 November 22, 2006

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I woke up, and watched what seemed to me like a marathon of Xiaolin Showdown.

After that, I headed off to the mall for what seemed like helping out with cleaning up our gift wrapping store, but alas, Margo and her mother were nowhere to be found….

But I did see Jade, Jessica, and Janelle. And Janelle boasted about how her Christmas shopping is done.

So my mother decides to take me shopping, and we see Mandi and her friend.

*Buy stuff, head home.*

 I’m walking out and I see Evelyn in the food court. Then, Hyun Soo is leaning against a wall outside of a store like a scenester. So naturally I go over and say hi. Then he gets Michael to come out. So he does and then we listen to the shoes video.

Then I leave.

And find out that parked next to us in the formerly vacant spot is Jeremy LaBelle’s car. So I left a note and put it under his windshield wipers.

It simply said this: Hi Jeremy! =D   -Faith

And then I drove home, mother took me shopping again, and I bought shirts.

One was blue and had clous, lightning bolts, and stars. Another had birds. And the last one had a tornado.  And they were all found in the same general area.

How nice. =D

Okay I’m done now. Off to go finish eating my Carl’s Jr.

P.S. We’ve established that Chris (aka Fishy) is a family stealer. End.

 P.S.S. Oh yeah, I saw Stacie Straka too.


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