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Random parts of today November 5, 2006

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I got home about ten minutes ago?
Something like that.

4th place.
Not bad.
I still wish we could have beaten all them old bands

Mount Carmel

Funny story:
jo, me, olivia, chris, kristen
sitting down for prelim awards
olivia notices a random starbucks cup next to the goal post
then we started talking about all the subliminal messaging
or something of the sortand how
for our field show
we should stay in the triangle the whole show
then jazz run across the last 48 counts
(jo’s idea)

I liked the game we played on the bus ride home
And all of us singing on the bus ride there
“You can tell it’s a ballad when it’s slow
and when they all get out of tune”

mark and tyler were funny
before/waiting for finals awards
random star wars trivia and rockin out to tbs
so fun
oh yeah
and cheddar pringles

I can roll my shoe
and bend it in half

Mrs. Nowak laughs funny when she really gets going

Pink lemonade and free warm hamburgers are always a plus

That is all.


One Response to “Random parts of today”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Keep ’em coming!

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