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I just thought I should mention… October 25, 2006

Filed under: Thoughts — ohthetrouble @ 10:27 pm

So I read about Jeremy and the weird search entries that lead to his blog.

Anyway, I searched the title of mine (which happens to be a line from a well-known Taking Back Sunday song)

Surprisingly enough, my blog came up as number eight on Yahoo search. And yet, there is no mention of Taking Back Sunday.

 Let’s try Google…

Okay, I don’t show up in the top 100. That’s reasonable. Still, Taking Back Sunday only shows up in reference to people’s myspace and blogs. There’s no Taking Back Sunday link.


If you search ‘readysteadyblog’, my formal introduction post is number 19.

‘Tabbers of the world, play riffs’ comes up as number 1.

‘ohthetrouble’ comes up with 6 entries. Include omitted results and you get 10.

Let’s go back to coloring, shall we?


2 Responses to “I just thought I should mention…”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    What?? Faith has a blog?
    Why didn’t you tell me?

    The only way I found it was from looking through my visit stats and I had a link from your site. Anyway… cool! I’ll be sure to come back. =]

  2. ohthetrouble Says:

    Well you never asked!


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