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Tabbers of the World, Play Riffs! October 16, 2006

Filed under: Controversies,Thoughts — ohthetrouble @ 10:44 pm

So there’s several websites out there. They’re called heaven for guitar players, bass players, and drummers.


Due to recent controversy regarding the legality of free guitar tabs on the Internet, MXtabs is temporarily unable to display this guitar tablature. We hope to be able to offer guitar tabs again in the very near future.

Pretty soon, these notices will be all that’s left of every tab site known to man.

 The legality:

Copyright infringements? Are we honestly using their music without their consent? I bet that almost every major artist out there once used a tabbing site in their life to ‘advance’ their career. Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to not let others use them with your songs? Just because they’re putting up what they think are the right notes, does that mean they’re doing things like taking credit for your music?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you would feel flattered if you hear a local indie band playing your song, right? That would mean they like your music enough to try and learn it.

Another point, tabs are ‘learning tools’, as someone put it. Many musicians teach themselves the instrument using tabs. Professional teachers use tabs to teach their students. They’re more accessible to widen the range of music in our society.

If you’re still not getting it, think of it this way:

If major bands have music, there are bound to be tabs. If people use tabs, they learn more music. If they learn more music, they become big bands. If they become a big band, they sign to labels. If they sign to labels, corporations make more money.

Therefore, if you take away the tab part, it ends up:

If major bands make music, people listen to it. If people just listen, they don’t really get anything out of it. If they don’t really get anything out of it, they won’t play more music. If they don’t play more music, the scene will die down. If the scene dies down, less CDs will be sold. If less CD’s (etc) are sold, corporations lose money. If corporations lose money, we’ll have to find a way to rebuild part of our economy.

I could expand the topic and name all the things removing tabbing sites would affect, but I’m thirsty for some Nesquik.


2 Responses to “Tabbers of the World, Play Riffs!”

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