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Random Parts of Today 2 November 22, 2006

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I woke up, and watched what seemed to me like a marathon of Xiaolin Showdown.

After that, I headed off to the mall for what seemed like helping out with cleaning up our gift wrapping store, but alas, Margo and her mother were nowhere to be found….



Random parts of today November 5, 2006

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I got home about ten minutes ago?
Something like that.

4th place.
Not bad.
I still wish we could have beaten all them old bands

Mount Carmel



Bah Humbug November 4, 2006

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It’s November already and I haven’t been keeping you updated nicely with posts. I greatly apologize. Life is hectic. Like today, we have Mission Hills which involves prelims, finals, and performing during daytime.



Bands of America October 29, 2006

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So that whole day just continues to replay in my mind, so I’ll post up thoughts from yesterday in a nice little narrative.

I’ll also skip through to the interesting parts so I don’t bore you.

I just got a mad rush of information from my brain.
I’ll finish this post later.


I just thought I should mention… October 25, 2006

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So I read about Jeremy and the weird search entries that lead to his blog.

Anyway, I searched the title of mine (which happens to be a line from a well-known Taking Back Sunday song)

Surprisingly enough, my blog came up as number eight on Yahoo search. And yet, there is no mention of Taking Back Sunday.

 Let’s try Google…

Okay, I don’t show up in the top 100. That’s reasonable. Still, Taking Back Sunday only shows up in reference to people’s myspace and blogs. There’s no Taking Back Sunday link.


If you search ‘readysteadyblog’, my formal introduction post is number 19.

‘Tabbers of the world, play riffs’ comes up as number 1.

‘ohthetrouble’ comes up with 6 entries. Include omitted results and you get 10.

Let’s go back to coloring, shall we?


I would do anything

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for one more day with you…

So here’s the thing. I’ve got the best friend in the world. And I want more.
How selfish is that?

Then again, he is the most amazing person on the planet. Who wouldn’t want that?


Ugh. October 17, 2006

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This is one of those days where I hate everything. Well actually, just certain areas of life, like my family.

I was suppposed to go to Holly’s house after prectice today but she changed her mind when she picked me up.

She does that all the time. She’ll be fine with me going somewhere, and then right before I’m supposed to leave, she’ll change her mind and yell at me.

Then I get yelled at by everybody else because I always bail. It’s not my fucking fault.

 I hate life.


A Formal Introduction

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My name is Faith. That’s about as much of my name as you need to know. Being a reader of this, you will have more insight into my life than normal people do. For on the internet, I happen to be more open with my words. How odd, right? Take a look around.

Don’t be afraid.


Tabbers of the World, Play Riffs! October 16, 2006

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So there’s several websites out there. They’re called heaven for guitar players, bass players, and drummers.